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  1. BTW, this is a bit of an old reply but with regards to instant teleportation in RFTools, it actually needs RF power on both sides so it is not that easy to set up. I think this makes it fairly balanced. As to dimensions that's right on server. Although I know servers for RR3 where RFTools dimensions are actually used. One useful feature is that the server admin uses RFTools to make a mining dimension for the players and then disallow the rest of dimension building for the other players. Anyway, just would like to announce RFTools 2.20 which adds (amongst other things) a new modular scr
  2. Hi all, my mod has been around for a few months but maybe some people here are not aware of it. Basically I made a technological mod based on RF (RedFlux). It currently contains the following machines: RFTools Manual: an in-game craftable manual for this mod. RF Network Monitor: with this item you can check out the RF situation in a set of connected blocks and find out where all the energy is going. RF Monitor: this block can monitor the RF situation in another block near it (3x3x3 area). It gives a visual representation of the amount of RF in the block and can also send out a red
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