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  1. BTW, this is a bit of an old reply but with regards to instant teleportation in RFTools, it actually needs RF power on both sides so it is not that easy to set up. I think this makes it fairly balanced. As to dimensions that's right on server. Although I know servers for RR3 where RFTools dimensions are actually used. One useful feature is that the server admin uses RFTools to make a mining dimension for the players and then disallow the rest of dimension building for the other players. Anyway, just would like to announce RFTools 2.20 which adds (amongst other things) a new modular screen system:
  2. Hi all, my mod has been around for a few months but maybe some people here are not aware of it. Basically I made a technological mod based on RF (RedFlux). It currently contains the following machines: RFTools Manual: an in-game craftable manual for this mod. RF Network Monitor: with this item you can check out the RF situation in a set of connected blocks and find out where all the energy is going. RF Monitor: this block can monitor the RF situation in another block near it (3x3x3 area). It gives a visual representation of the amount of RF in the block and can also send out a redstone signal under certain conditions. Crafter: this is an automatic crafter that can handle up to 8 recipes at once and also allows crafting recipes to use the results of earlier recipes in the same machine. Scanner: with this block you can make it easier to find your stuff in your storage network. Power Relay: with this block you can throttle down a part of your power network in case a redstone signal is given (or not). This can be used (in combination with the RF Monitor) to turn off ore procession (for example) in case your main power system doesn't have enough power. Teleportation system: several blocks for a powerful teleportation system. Power generation: RFTools contains a powerful but rather complicated power generation system for the more adventerous tinkerers among you. Simple but powerful shield system that can selectively block players, mobs, items, animals and so on. Developers Delight item. A tool for developers! At this moment I'm working hard on making a new dimension building system (think Mystcraft but then using tons of RF). Parts of this are already in the current version of the mod but non-functional. If you're interested you can check the mod out at: https://github.com/McJty/RFTools/wiki Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for me.
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