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  1. Hey. confirmed. This hotfix does resolve the issue, just need to replace the existing basic components mod with this one. Thanks. p.s... was this actually released anywhere or a thread stickied with this, or an announcement of any sort? Apart from this random thread, I cant find anything to do with any Hotfix. Thanks Though.
  2. Yes confirmed... all what you said is true... I reverted back to the previous build, and everything spawns correctly. Glad its not just me, and i hope its easily fixable fast :)
  3. Hey everyone, As the title suggests... There is no Copper or Tin generation at all in my maps. I've looked everywhere, and Copper is nowhere to be found. The only ore thats different from Vanilla is Platinum. I've looked at the config file and found this for the copper/tin world gen... Nothing seems out of the ordinary, however the following line of code looks a bit suspect, due to it not following the same patterns as the others in that paragraph of text... This seems strange, as its classing both Copper and Tin with the same ID... Im not a coder so im not sure myself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello fellow Minecrafters, Saintbob here doing another Lets Play series, dubbed 'Come Chill with Saintbob'. My RL name is Chris I'm from England and I'm 25. I've been playing MineCraft for what only seems like 2weeks, but in fact has been almost 2 years. Wow, how time flies when your having fun! I've recently started making the 'Come Chill with Saintbob' videos to offer some form of entertainment to at least some of you fellow gamers out there, and I'm hoping I can bring something unique to this ever growing game and community. I'm not quite sure what unique quality I'm going to bring to the scene but I'm sure I will find it pretty soon... I hope! I'm currently playing with the Technic Pack. Absolutely love that mod pack! I currently upload in 720p HD, however I can do 1080p but they take me forever to upload to YouTube. Due to the amazingly fast 30kb/s upload speeds, which is the Average English ISP My YouTube channel is located here... My First Episode is located here... (This is 1080p. Believe it or not, it took me 10hours to upload this to YouTube). I'm not going to ask you to Like, and I'm certainly not going to ask you to unlike. I'm not even going to ask you to Subscribe! All I ask is that if you feel the need, please give me feedback on the MineCraft videos I create or any other Videos that take your fancy on my Channel. I welcome Constructive Criticism, I'm always looking to improve, so if my videos aren't that good right now, you can be sure I'll keep trying. Thank you everyone. P.S OMG!!! Minecon 2012 - Disney Land Paris!
  5. I currently use FileZilla to access an FTP already. So what your saying is, that once i have access to the Server FTP, i can install the tekkit server straight in that? Or do i need to install the mods/requirements separately? Cheeers
  6. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to servers, I've always used the ones that you can download from, and then host the server on my home PC. I've recently started playing the Tekkit pack, and I have a lot of friends that would be interested in joining me, but alas my PC cant handle a home server and myself playing at the same time. So, my question is this... If I rent an external Server like from how easy is it to install the Tekkit pack to the server? Is it possible? And how do I go about doing it? Thanks in advance.