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  1. Hey Everyone looking for a FlyBoys Server! [1.7.10] [10+ players needed!] We just opened up a professionally hosted FlyBoys server and want you to join us! FlyBoys is a gamemode created by the one and only Bdouble100 and is a compilation of several extremely fun mods. We are looking to get about 10 people on the server but everyone is welcome. The basic rules of the game are: -Build a base with your designated team -WORK TOGETHER -DONT CHEAT OR YOU WILL BE BANNED -Be mature -Dont ask to become a mod, admin, etc. -ABSOLUTELY NO FRIENDLY FIRE/TEAM KILLING WILL BE TOLERATED -NO stealing from opposite team until battle. -NO Whining about teams -Have fun Contact us on Skype or TS3 for server address! For the special modpack NEEDED to join this server add either : aidanmussalli OR chriscrosby5 on SKYPE or Join our Teamspeak 3 server at: sj01.gameservers.com (Pass: Flyboys)
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