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  1. Okey i got it. The problem was the jre version. I installed the jre7 version and now it works. BUT i got second problem maybe anyone can help me out here. The tekkit lite version is patched on 1.4.7 and the server is patched on 1.6.4. Because of that i can´t join my server. how can i fix that?! The tekkit lite version is setted by the technic launcher and the server version is just downloaded on the homepage...i don´t know what to do now s:
  2. When i start the launch.bat data, it opens and start to install. But shortly after i get an error message and can´t complete the installation. Can anyone help me out please? i don´t know what i have to do there. If its possible to answer me in german, it would be easier for me to understand o: