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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I will give it a shot when I get home tonight
  2. I used the Technic launcher and updated using the Tekkit mod, so you are saying I need to install a additional mod called Thermal Expansion Fluiducts? I am at work right now so I cant check but is this also incuded with the Tekkit package? I tried pumping the oil from the left side and to have the fuel pump out from the right but that causes it to stall/not work I also tried to pump it in from the right with the same results. But like in my OP it is weird when I dont pipe anything in but manually add oil the refinary kicks off without a problem, but then the pipes stop pumping oil into the refinary. However when I pump the oil in first the refinary never starts at all and both tanks on the refinary is 100% full and I check the power intake to the refinary and it is at 1000. When I get home I will record a video of it to show what I am dealing with.
  3. So I just started playing tekkit and I create a pump for the oil field which pumps it into a tank, no issues there. When I pump the oil into the refinary and it fills up both tanks on the refinary all the way it refuses to start even with electricty going to it from the combustion engines and I look at the power that ther refinary has and it is capped out with full power. If I drop one bucket of oil in a empty refinary it will work but the more oil I dump the slower it gets until it stops all togther. Another weird thing I noticed is if I manually dump oil into the refinary then try to connect a pipe to it the pipe no longer pumps oil into the refinary, the oil just stops at the end of the pipe. But when I destroy the existing refinary and place a new refinary the oil goes into it without a issue. Is this a bug?