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  1. Just an update Akabane contacted me via IRC and got the author of EE X3n0pob3 to tell me that technic used his mod illegally which is as valid as it gets. He still hasn't proved that the yogbox is illegal yet so hey that is something.
  2. It is done in the first minute or so of his video. Cease and desist would be fun to see but thought I would post it here because it could be considered slander and you can act on it if your so inclined.
  3. If you cannot use the launcher then your only option is to download all of the mods, install them manually and then setup the config files yourself to get them up and running. MCnostaliga is a good way to revert your minecraft to an earlier version as technic uses the 1.1 version right now. Best of luck.
  4. Tin cables work fine for up to 5 solar panels given that a bat box has 5 input sides you can connect 25 that way no reason to use diamonds to get power from solar save glass fiber for geothermal or nuclear
  5. Most recipes can use one or the other the issue comes into play if you try to mix them, however my solution was to use the transmutation table to convert copper into copper ingots or vice versa
  6. When setting the Launcher to Technic and manually selecting the latest build rather then installing and launching the technic ssp located in the .techniclauncher folder it installs and launches the regular minecraft located in .minecraft Both .techniclauncher and .minecraft are located in %appdata% Basically it is acting exactly like the minecraft launcher you would download from Some more info it is installing minecraft 1.2.3 with no mods and launching then when I attempt to launch technic.
  7. Launcher/pack Version: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Version of Java: 7update1 64bit Description of Problem: I started having this issue around 10pm EDT when I wanted to access my technic it updated and started playing vanilla minecraft from my %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft directory. I reinstalled and attempted to fix several times and it is still doing it. I tested it is starts to happen if I upgrade the technic pack to the "latest build" please fix this. Error Messages: no error messages Link to pastebin of log: No log created
  8. Huh I must have lucked out because when I added a death chest mod to the minecraft.jar it worked just fine.