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  1. so far only few has been able to last only 30 min on the server it is a hard core server guys so be carefule when roaming out of spawn
  2. WARNING! Server IS HARDCORE Server IP: ★ Hey there! If you're looking for a hardcore server to play on like real life , look no further if your man or woman enough We welcome all players. Just make sure to play by our simple rules! ★ Information: ✓ [THIS SERVER IS A HARDCORE SERVER IT IS NOT FOR THE WEAK ONLY FOR BRAVE PLAYERS WHO ENJOYS A GOOD CHALLENGE] ✓ No whitelist ✓ death lasts 1-5 days after you die ✓ PvP/Loot survival ✓ Essentials - Easy basic commands for /home, /tpa, /msg etc. ✓ Grief Prevention - Super easy to protect your chests and builds with signs ✓ 24/7 uptime (unless there' a crash) ✓ Removed Mods: none as for right now ✓ Plugins: Essentials, chestshop,bank, and more ✓ Banned items: (coming soon) ✓ you've crashed landed in a minecraft world form bases and take on the world team with strangers or go solo ★ Rules: ▶ READ RULE BOOK WHEN LOGGED IN no killing at spawn,no living underground(mountains hills volcanoes trees don not count as underground) no duping ,griefing,cheating,hacking ,ect Server uptime: ▶ server up 24hrs and refreshed 24hrs