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  1. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I incorrectly used the term vanilla. I was referring to the fact that there are no client or server side mods from the default configuration and is set up the way that it was originally intended.
  2. Sorry, server is closed to to griefers. IP: Redacted Port: 25565 All are welcome to join the server. I was hosting a server on my system for some friends and myself, and have been able to maintain close to 24/7 uptime. We have all decided that it would be nice for others to come and join in on the fun. We didn't want to have any applications, just people that wanted to come and create with us in PVE mode. The server has been private to us for about a month (at time of posting) and hope that you would like to come join us. Any questions or concerns, please message me here via thread, PM or in game. I respond there as kdb424 or server. Banned items: None Restricted items: None PVP: Disabled Lag: Almost never Rules: * No griefing * No hacking * No raiding System Specs: * AMD 8350 4.6GHz * 12GB 1866 Gskill Sniper Ram Reserved space for pictures. Hoping to put other players things here with permission of course.
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