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  1. Well I did change the font that same day and it should be showing up. Thank you tho Torezu for the link, even know it mentioned comics directly I suppose the same points stated could be allied to forum threads of any kind. Again forgive my ignorance I'm not an avid forum reader and I never fully realized the strong feelings.
  2. ok point taken, forgive me I didn't realize there was that strong of feelings about font
  3. What is this modpack about? Well for starters it's not just another stereotypical "kitchensink-confetti-style" modpack full of chaos, it is a carefully refined modpack with a lot of tweaking that was done with MineTweaker3 and MineTweakerRecipeMaker, careful review of config files and tedious balancing of Biomes O' Plenty settings all to bring the player of great gameplay experience! ***Server pack for this Modpack? Yes! There is now a server you can download for this pack!*** There are a few of goals that I aimed to achieve with this modpack: First, I wanted to fill in "the potholes
  4. Hi, I am very confused as to how to work the page management editor on the Technic Platform. when I add one of the bigger headers and then save it still shows the bits of the code for the header and doesn't increase the size, also I added a picture and it had code around it abd I didn't think it was suppose to do that I've seen other modpack About pages not look like that. Also how do you add a hyperlink? I've seen other modpack descriptions with them but this editor has very few options and im not sure which format it uses as I tried some HTML code for adding a hyperlink and that didn't work.
  5. Hello, so I have everything in place but when I go to link solder to my account and add the api link which works by itself like it is supposed to but it doesn't want to link it just says: [curl] 28: Connection timed out after 30000 milliseconds http://..... what could be the reason for this? also I noticed that navigating around my profile and profile settings is a little slow so is there something wrong on the website end or...? not to mention there is no button to get another API key even tho it saids there is supposed to be where the api key box is.
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