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  1. thank you guys so much. I used Redstone Energy Conduit to go directly out of my passive reactor to my quarry. it powers it at full speed almost but just under max power input for the quarry so it doesn't blow up. it is amazing how fast the quarry is moving... Now I just gotta figure out how to make a monitor to display the readings of the reactor and stuff. I am also looking into maybe making a computer system to control the fuel rods so that I can put in a command and it would set all the fuel rod settings at the same time instead of having to go into each fuel rod control seperatly
  2. I am trying to add a coolant block like Jakalth to his reactor design but I can't find the block. maybe Im just stupid.
  3. ok, I got the reactor going. I have been looking up the dynamo things you were talking about. how do I use them in conjunction with the reactor and quarry. I have the redstone energy conduit like you said. I should say the question I am trying to ask is exactly how to wire/connect everything to get this working
  4. I think Im going to do a reactor. now my friend had a Passively cooled big reactors reactor. the physical dimensions were 3x3x3. I can't find anywhere how to build it.
  5. I am looking to find a more consistent power supply for my quarry. I currently have 4 combustion engines powering it but I notice that the power coming out of the 4 engines is not consistent. any more consistent ways to power my quarry? I was looking to maybe connect a reactor in some fashion to my quarry if I can figure it out. Still a newbie to tekkit.
  6. On our tekkit server, we have created a Big Reactor's Reactor. we were wondering if there is a way to set up computers, wiring, monitors, and misc parts to be able to make a monitor in our house to monitor the power levels and stuff of the reactor so that we don't have to keep runnin down into the reactor room to see the readings?
  7. I played on tekkit servers about a year and half ago. I just recently started playing again. I went to set up a quarry and used the landmarks in this new version of tekkit and I can't set the actual size that I want with the landmarks. The quarry doesn't build its frame on the red lines from the landmarks. I used to make the quarry 30X30 which is well in its maximum size limit. I can get it to work in Tekkit Classic but not the new Tekkit. I see videos of people doing it the way it used to be but im starting to think that they are pretty old videos. Are the quarries and landmarks supposed to still operate that way or did they change that?
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