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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Geist~ I suppose I'll have to go easy on the progress I make on Infinity if there's a chance of reset. Regardless of your decision, I'd like to build official spawn if that's alright with y'all!
  2. Hey Geist, I've been testing the Infinity server and wanted to let you know that everything is running smoothly! However, a few small things of convenience have been bugging me and a pal. If you could disable those pesky creepers and what have you from doing block damage, and add in a /home, /sethome, etc. functionality like we have on TPPI that would be stellar~
  3. Geist please, the animations are too much for this little Tatters!
  4. Good lord that Parrot is ridiculous. Thanks for getting the server up so quickly and allowing us to play again! Also, Ive heard news about a Resonant Rise server, can we get some clarification on that~?
  5. I didn't break anything this time, I swear! But just to let you know Geist, server went down and didn't come back online at about noon. Secondly, the Irc channel seems to be having issues. :|
  6. Thanks as always, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to accommodate me for the fourth, and so help me god the last time!
  7. Hey Geistes, I think I had the good fortune of corrupting yet another chunk. I was trying to remove a bedrock portal that had been unintentionally activated with a quarry, but it caused my client to crash and all follow up attempts to join the server. If you could remove the quarry and the bedrock portal (Thaumcraft Kami) that would be stellar. Thanks~!
  8. Whats the spiel with the IRC channel? Iirc, something had been said about switching over to a freenode version instead. Just curious if there'll be any follow up on that.
  9. No, I just broke it again, sorry. Apparently there's a whole plethora of confliction issues centered around Magic bees. Either that or my base is obscenely corrupt and is causing issues with blocks in regards to bees. (Forestry, Extra bees and trees, magic bees, gendustry, etc.) It would appear to me that only the chunk is corrupt, but is causing the map and server to go down regardless as removing the offending block resolved the issue without performing a roll-back. However, this is just speculation on my part and its more than likely I corrupted the map for a third time, my bad.
  10. Right. Considering that the log you put up has either been edited, or does not show the actual co-ords all together ( Block location: World: (XXXX,XX,-XXX), Chunk: (at X,X,X in XXX,-XX; con$ ), I suppose I have no choice but to retire the bees entirely. Sorry for all the trouble I (involuntarily?) caused, how can I make it up to y'all assuming I haven't actually destroyed the map entirely? Note: I'd appreciate not being pelted with rotten tomatoes or angry posts. Either or. Whatever works for you guys Q_Q
  11. Now now lets not jump to any conclusions, my bees did nothing wrong thank you very much. Edit: Can you turn off Moonstone meteor block damage in the am2 config please? " B:MoonstoneMeteorDestroyTerrain=true" [where true do: false] I don't appreciate it blowing holes in my lawn every 5 minutes! Post Edit edit: I think my bees are determined to to corrupt the world and have done so again. Could you put a copy up of the crash/corruption log for me to pick apart? I would like to continue with my precious, precious bees.. and thus I would appreciate knowing what causes the issue. I did a quick check on my setup and there is nothing noteworthy that may cause a crash. However, it seems to only happen shortly after breeding a 'Wight' Bee.
  12. IGN) TattersTale Age) 23 Location) Washington, Usa How long have you been playing Minecraft) Sometime since the early Alpha stages if I recall. What keeps you playing Minecraft?) The multiplayer. Minecraft gains so much more magnitude through multiplayer. Single player is infinitesimally smaller in content and lacks the communication with other players thats keeps me going. That, in addition to the unfathomable amount of things to do in this game, especially in the context of a group! Thank you for considering my application~
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