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  1. The winner was The-Fire-Guy, who claimed his prize this morning actually. He also found out about the contest here I believe.
  2. Well the stream and giveaway entries have ended on this, Im not sure if anyone here entered but if you did check it out I appreciate your looking. This was pretty successful and I plan to do events like this in the future. If your curious on how things went the stream was mostly recorded and will but put up on my youtube in the following days. It will probably be released in 1.5 hr chunks, give or take.
  3. Just a reminder that there is 2 days left to get a chance to sign up for this, I have been pleased with the results so far though. Also to okamikk, you may have subbed from my RP2 elevator videos way back, nearly a year ago now.
  4. Been planning a giveaway for a copy of the game Dont Starve on my YouTube channel for a while now and I'm finally getting around to doing it. Here is the video with the details. Entries end on June 30th at 6:30 CST. I wanna do more events like this later on as well assuming this one does decently. If you have questions or whatever feel free to post here or in the comments of that video.
  5. Pack updated. Were a LOT of bug fixes in this one making it much more stable. We were having a few issues with the last build. Also Dev, Wan and I have started a YouTube series based within our pack. First Episode can be seen here: Thanks to all those that check our server out.
  6. You have to sign up on the forums and follow the whitelist procedure there to get the pack. Make sure you read and its pretty simple from there, thanks for showing your interest.
  7. Made a quick update to the mod list and of the version to 1.5.2
  8. Updated mods in list as we updated. Already had a few people find us here again which is great, so thanks for looking at our post, Ill hopefully toss up a few images in the next day or 2
  9. Hi again, the server has been updated and moved to the 'Custom Server' board seen here: Link
  10. ZAGCRAFT + || 24/7 || 60+ Mods || Whitelist Server Home Site: Server Forum: Server IP: [YOU CAN NOT JOIN WITHOUT WHITELISTING] Rules: Link Rules Translated: Link Whitelist Section: Link List of Current Staff: Zagrom - Admin/Founder Devryb - Admin/Modpack Manager Wandorf - Admin Camurro9 - Mod BeavisBuilder - Mod BradWhiteUK - Mod Streqicity - Officer VitezKolya - Officer Herpthatderp - Officer Link to the modpack becomes available on our forums once you get accepted for whitelisting, if you need help understanding how to whitelist feel free to post here, or on our forums and I will help you with what you need. If you follow the links on our forum tho, you should be able to figure it out. ZagCraft has been around sense June 3 2012, and were still around making threads for our server here on the Technicpack forums, so I think that shows our dedication. On our server there is little concern for greifing and things of that nature, we take the servers community most seriously and check each whitelist application well to try and remove problems before they ever get on. Our rules seem long and complicated but most of it is common sense, fair, and easy to understand and is one of the reasons that most of our players are happy. If your looking for a server that has staff that is around, is easy to contact and goes out of their way to do their job, then this could be the server for you. Our server is is not hosted on a normal minecraft service, it is a dedicated server we bought specifically for hosting our server. I'm not going to lie and say we never lag, any heavily modded server that tells you such is just saying so or spending a ton of money on their server. Most of the lag problems we get are cause by things players build, we always find these problems and fix them, the players are generally helpful in finding where the issues are. We learn new ways to handle these situations better everytime, so were getting pretty good at narrowing problems down quickly. All our mods are checked for compatibility, requested for permission of usage in our pack, and modified as needed to make them work together. Most of this is handled by Devryb, one of our oldest members and an Admin of the server. We update the modpack monthly to add/remove mods as needed, below are a list of all mods: Version 2.3.0: Added DamageIndicators Added ForgeIRC 10.18 Added NBTEdit Updated MinecraftForge to Updated CompactSolars to Updated GregTech to 3.07f Updated MineFactoryReloaded to 2.6.3B1-934 Updated IronChests to Updated SoulShards to 1.0.35 Updated Galacticraft to a0.1.35.300 Updated NEIPlugins to Updated IndustrialCraft2 to 1.115.344 Updated MFFS to Updated AssemblyLine to Updated BalkonsWeaponMod to 1.12.0 Updated BiblioCraft to 1.3.1 Updated BuildCraft to Updated CodeChickenCore to Updated denLib to 3.0.14 Updated Dimensional Doors to R1.3.6RC1-102 Updated Ender Storage to Updated Extra Bees to 1.6-pre13 Updated ExtraBiomesXL to 3.13.4 Updated Forestry to A- Updated FluidMechanics to Updated Hats to 1.3.3 Updated ICBM Contraption/Explosion/Sentry to Updated Immibis-Core to 55.1.3 Updated Liquid XP to 55.1.2 Updated LogisticsPipes to Updated Mekanism Core/Tools/Generators to Updated MineChem to Updated MiscPeripherals to 3.3d Updated Modular Powersuits to 0.7.0-534 Updated Modular Powersuits Addons to 0.2.3-144 Updated NetherOres to 2.1.5-76 Updated NotEnoughItems to Updated PluginsForForestry to 3.0.16 Updated PowerConverters 2.3.0-55 Updated StevesCarts to 2.0.0.a119 Updated TConstruct to Updated UniversalElectricity to Replaced Thaumic Bees with Magic Bees 2.0.0 Basic Rules: The Admin Team’s word overrules all, including these rules. If an admin says not to do something, but it says you can here, DON’T DO IT. Griefing is strictly forbidden. This includes random destruction of the world. Stealing within protected areas is not allowed. It is VERY easy for us to identify burglars and thieves. You will be hunted down and punished. Use of a Nuclear Reactor requires Staff approval; do not even begin to build one without having been granted a permit! After you've been granted a permit and built the reactor you will then still need a member of staff to check the reactor BEFORE you turn it on. Do not cheat (or in any way try to bypass) the AFK kicker to keep a chunk loaded. Excessive and unnecessary swearing is discouraged. Exploitation of any dupe bug is forbidden. * Random unnecessary killing will get you jailed. Don’t be a troll, even if you live under a bridge. To maintain server stability you are prohibited from setting RedPower timers below 1 second. [Currently not in effect as we have no RP] If you live in a city, follow their established rules. These rules do not, however, override server rules. Players are not permitted to give “Beginner” ranked users any items, with the exception of basic food and wooden tools. If a banned/restricted item you made is confiscated you WILL NOT be refunded the materials used to craft it. If you happen to find a banned item in a randomly spawned chest, please attempt to dispose of it. If unable, please contact a member of staff. Use of X-ray mods and/or X-ray Texture packs or any client-side mods without permission is forbidden. Banned/Restricted/Permit Items; As with most servers with mods, some items need to be regulated in some way, ours is no different, however we don't always outright ban items. Banned items are obviously not to be made or used by anyone unless under very specific reasons. Some items are banned form crafting and a few are banned just for use, should the item be needed in a crafting recipe that is not banned. Restricted Items are items that are only allowed to be used by specific groups. Permit items are ones you can get as any part of any group but must ask for permition, some items that require permits arn't because they are dangerous necessarily but because they could cause some issue on the server. Permit items are generally granted based on the trust and applications of the user. Completely Banned Items: TNT Cart Nuke Obsidian TNT Rejuvenation Explosives Nuclear Explosives Antimatter Explosives Red Matter Explosives Nuclear Missile Antimatter Missile Red Matter Missile Rejuvenation Missile Nuclear Cluster Missile Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Carrier Sticky Dynamite Dynamite Rejuvenation Minecart Portal Gun Nyan Pig Launcher Trail Mix Portal Spawner Placement/Usage Banned Items: TNT ITNT Alumentum Portable Hole Restricted Items: Wrath Igniter Entropy Accelerator Vibration Catalyst Wand of Excavation Mining Laser Crumble Horn Ore Magnet Vajra Wand of frost Permit Items: Chunk Loaders Reactors [More Info Soon] Questions and comments are welcome and I will answer them ASAP
  11. Post will be updated and redone in the next few days. Modpack recently updated and a lot has changed as well as a new map coming up. Spawn will be redone, etc. If you want to find out details before I get around to updating this post then see our site, last I was told by dev, were up to 120 mods in our new pack, so there is plenty to look forward to
  12. Please note the post above yours there, This thread is no longer accurate, we are now a Tekkit Lite server and as such have changed our post to the one I link to in the post above yours. Furthermore as stated on this thread and then new one, we handle whitelisting on our forums, which both posts link to. Please do so or we wont consider whitlisting you. If you have any fuarther questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks
  13. Reporting that we recently banned user zakanater19 for taking advantage of a dupe bug and stealing, thought it would be a good idea to make over 30,000 coppers worth of solar panels, he has only played on the server for about 3 hours and 10 mins. So just a heads up to any other whitelist server that searches into people like I do, here info on him. Will go on to note that he was given an opportunity to appeal for his ban on his forums and he never did, I directed him right to where he needed to post and he didn't. I haven't seen him on the forums sense, which was about 3 days ago sense this post.
  14. Server is down right? I assume someone placed something that crashed us