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    Echo_Silence reacted to thomasfn in Patch for EE mining tools - no more griefing with them!   
    Hi there. As most server owners have realised by now, it's too easy to grief in Tekkit using Equivalent Exchange tools and the damage is bad because it can't be rolled back by Bukkit plugins. Why? Because the EE tools don't route block break events through Bukkit, so poor old Bukkit has no idea any blocks are even being destroyed when someone right clicks your marble building with their morning star.

    I have decompiled EE and added code to the DM/RM tools which routes the correct events through Bukkit, and handles event cancellation correctly. What does this mean? It means any damage done by DM/RM tools can be fully rolled back by your favourite plugin without issue. It also means that plugins such as Towny or Residences will protect the world properly against the AoE effects of these tools.

    Patch Details
    Only the server requires the patch. The targeted version of Tekkit is 3.1.1, this patch may not work for any other version. The patch has been confirmed to work on Tekkit 3.1.2. The client doesn't need patching, so all your players don't need to do a thing. The patched tools are listed below:

    DM/RM Axe
    DM/RM Hammer
    DM/RM Pickaxe
    DM/RM Shears
    DM/RM Shovel
    Red Katar
    Red Morningstar
    Destruction Catalyst
    Hyperkinetic Lens
    Catalytic Lens
    Nova Catalyst
    Nova Cataclysm

    Tools which I've investigated and I will not be patching (for the time being) are:

    Philosophers Stone
    Evertide Amulet
    Volcanite Amulet
    Mercurial Eye


    Version 311a
    Mirror 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ffgdky

    Version 304a
    Mirror 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/szcyxk

    Version 303a
    Mirror 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8p3048

    The download is a zip file containing a number of .class files.

    Patching Instructions (Windows)

    Shut down the server.
    Backup the world and the mods folder.
    Extract all the class files from the download zip and copy them.
    Navigate to the "mods" folder inside the root directory of the server (where Tekkit.jar is)
    Open the zip file called "EE2ServerV1.4.5.1-bukkit-mcpc-1.2.5-r2.zip" (the name might be different but it should be pretty similar)
    Navigate to the "ee" folder within the zip file.
    Paste the patched class files.
    Bring up the server.

    All my EE items and blocks have vanished from the world!
    I hope you backed up your world like instructed. Delete your EE zip file, redownload tekkit and extract a fresh version of EE out and try again.

    I'm getting Java class not supported 5.1 major.minor errors!
    Make sure you have Java 1.7 installed.

    Will you patch [insert tool here]?????
    Probably not. I'll look into it, but unless it's a simply "I DESTROY BLOCKS" tool it's unlikely to happen.

    Other Stuff
    You'll want to go through and test all the tools to make sure the patch has worked correctly. It's possible I missed something.

    The original forum thread where I initially developed the patch can be found here: http://evolutionrd.beastnode.net/vb/showthread.php?529-Modding-the-mods-DM-RM-tools
    The original forum thread where this patch made an appearance on these forums can be found here:

    I hope this helps!

    Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs on your server as a result of installing this patch. If you want to check the patch for malicious code, you are free to decompile the patched classes and have a look. I'd recommend www.showmycode.com for this.
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