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  1. Hi! I urge you to just try out this modpack. It is very unique. When you first join you will spawn somwhere random, with ranged chat. You can only chat within a certain radius, but you can yell(which will make you hungry). Use our subreddit for organizing, etc: /r/mcdestiny Rules: no hacking/cheating DOWNLOAD MODPACK IP: modernciv.beastmc.com Mod list: ClothingCraft COFHCore BetterRecords Bibliocraft Buildcraft Craft Heraldry COFHCore Lootable Bodies EnviroMine Extra Utilities Flans(WW2, Modern, Zombie) Growthcraft(all) Hunger Overhaul Hungry Animals Industrialcraft 2 NEI Minechem Pam's(clay spawn, get all the seeds, temperate plants, harvestcraft, weeeflowers) Schematica Metallurgy MCA Balkon's Weaponmod Weather2(currently not working)
  2. What is a big staple in post-apocalyptic media? Scavenging--using whatever is around you in new and creative ways to sustain a meager existance. My idea is based on a few things: survival minecraft, the massive amount of 1.6.4 mods, and a server known as VAAST(Variable Architecture and Survival Technology). On VAAST's Aftermath server, the map is comepletely destructable and beautifully made generated with a custom city. Now, this is all well and dandy, but what about more? The buildings are built in a modern style, but in minecraft wide, organized roads are not needed, for we have no cars; nuclear power plants make no sense-- there is no electricity that requires a generator(redstone doesn't count). Imagine taking Aftermath's framework--large, detailed, generated city, and making it much, much better. This can be done(a proposed mod and idea list will be posted below). What would you find in an average home(IRL)? You would find walls containing large amounts of wire that you could scavenge, furniture for any use, a below-the-sink cabinet full of cleaning supplies, nails and fastenings that could, in theory, be melted down into crude ingots of meta. It doesn't end there, the sheer amount of stuff modern society possesses is extreme. Imagine a ruined world in [modded] minecraft: streets littered with abandoned cars, the tattered remains of power distribution systems, the occasional home with a backup generator, the power plants that, with a lot of effort, could provide light to an entire town. These things are possible, with mods. Picture this: You log into a server. Occasionally you can here the sounds of gunfire, but other than that, your chat is quiet. You look around where you are. There is a home near you. You go inside and yell--no answer. On the table is a grocery bag. You look inside to find a stick of butter. On the counter is a bowl of tomato soup, you wolf it down. As you tread upstairs carefully, you pass the comfortable couch in the living room. Upstairs is a bedroom, a bathroom, and a closet. On the bed is a single handgun. You check it's magazine. A single bullet is missing. You look down, a dead body is sprawled on the floor on the other side of the bed. You run back downstairs and grab a ring of keys off of a table. You unlock the car in the driveway and get in. You see a reanimated corpse plod after you. You increase the throttle and keep riding. In the car you cycle through the radio stations--nothing. I could continue that tale, but I will not. I cannot do that because it's the tale of a player on a drastically popular and unique server. I hope I have interested you. The purpose of the message is to inform you of this idea. I hope and pray that you would like to make this idea a reality. I have tried to run modded servers, but they are unpopular and I do not know enough to make something like this possible. Would you like to make this a reality? Thanks for reading that wall of text!! Sample mod list and uses: Treecapacitor(I like it) Bibliocraft(i mean, most houses have tables and plates, right?) Big Reactors(get enough resources and rebuild a nuclear plant) Carpenter's blocks(variety) Chisel(variety) Craft heraldry(every post-apocalyptic bandit gang needs a logo) Decocraft(more interesting things in buildings!) Extra utilities(the generators would be great behind a building) Flans(guns, vehicles) Hunger overhaul(remember when you would starve in minecraft?) Industrialcraft(machines, wires, generators, lighting) lanterns(more lighting sources, ban the nether and glowstone. realism!) Mekanism(machines, connections from ExtraUtils generators to IC2 batboxes) Metallurgy(post apocalyptic fertilizer, gunpowder crafting, more tools!) MineFactory Reloaded(plenty, including shopping bags) NEI OpenBlocks(graves) Pam's get all the seeds(need agriculture!) Pam's Harvestcraft(food, food, food. works with hunger overhaul. who just finds bread and pork after the apocalypse?) Pam's Wee! Flowers Pam's Random Plants Pam's temporate plants Statues(give those ruined public squares some class Thermal expansion(plenty of stuff) Traincraft(imagine finding a ruined train yard or subway station) Unlittorch(coupled with lanterns and electric lighting. use torches short-term, and lanterns and lumintators long-term. realism) Weather Mod(zomb-nado? O_o) Zombie awareness(guess why) Sample plugin list: Some sort of map generator? World edit Local chat plugin Random spawn plugin Radio tower plugin THANKS FOR READING! I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS IDEA TO MAKE IT A REALITY! IF SO, PLEASE TELL ME AND GIVE ME A LITTLE CREDIT. Please respond your thoughts. If you like this idea, what about doing cities on huge continents? Imagine intercontinental air travel...
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