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  1. Hey Torezu, thanks for replying. Just to give some feedback, I tried to travel far away but the chunks didnt load properly. I will try to do what you are saying, but I am having some troubles with my computer and I will ned to buy new RAM to it. When I fix the problem I will try to do it! Thanks!
  2. Hello brother, thanks for the reply. No, I have not a backup =/ I will try to travel far away from this point to see if there are any problem in another place, and I will post again here!
  3. Hello guys! I am having some trouble here. After a blackout in my city while I was playing, some bugs had appeared. -Near my house, one chunk just "disappeared", and there is a hole there that I cant jump in or walk through it. -Another chunks now still very slow to load and I need to wait a lot. -And the mobs are spawning in almost infinite quantity. I tried to reinstall the mod, to reinstall the Technic, and now I dont know what can I do to solve that problems Sending some pics below: