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  1. cornflakes69 here and was wondering when i was wondering when i could get on the server because i applied for a white list and have waited for some time and havent been white listed.
  2. Hey this is cornflakes69 here, I was wondering of i could be white listed because i love playing on the server but it was white listed and it made me sad so i was wondering of you could white list me. Oh and its a great server by the way.
  3. What is your minecraft Username? cornflakes69 What do you plan to do once you join? i was planning on making a factory (cake and cookie). How much experience have you had with tekkit? been playing for a long time (idk how long) Have you read our rules? Yes
  4. Name: cornflakes69 Age: 14 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): not sure will see. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yes but mostly without tekkit. what is the purpose of a macerator? it is used for mashing ores like iron into dust (2) witch and be smelted into ingots. Recommendations(if you been invited): Others things i should know: not relly.
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