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  1. hello everyone i started my own server to play with friends 2 weeks ago and i thought it was good to play with some more ppl yeah i know it s a poor reason to open a server but well fun is fun right? we plan to ban mystcraft to avoid the lag and also the balance of the game (diamond world and stuff) and maybe morph for the pvp (hard to fight a bat u don t see right? ) except that the server is going to be a small community full of friendly peeps (it isn t it s the plan) so here are we a small server for fun where u can play like if it was your own server (except GM for sure) the server is with "illimited" RAM and player slot by the way any suggestions are welcome en français maintenant et oui le serveur est français basiquement en fait j ai pas grand chose a dire sauf le fait qu'il serait préférable que vous ayez des connaissances en français