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  1. ​http://pastebin.com/ytYJgxD0
  2. ​Thanks for the reply. Here's the link: http://pastebin.com/3dT8eryG
  3. I've tried all the mod-packs, they just open, Mojang appears, and then they stop responding and close. I can't paste the log on pastebin, it's too long.
  4. Yes, yes, I know, technic isn't the problem, the mod is, and I should contact the tinker's construct people, but I have, and they don't know what to do. I just need ideas on how to fix this problem. If you just want to complain to me about having to contact the TC mod creators, don't even post here. Extended Story (For those who are interested in the problem) Ok, so, I have been wanting to get into tinker's construct lately. I have figured out smelting, crafting, everything I need to know. So I make my basic stone set of tools and infuse them with moss, diamond, lapis, etc. All those patterns are working fine. So, I go to make a broadaxe. So, I to make a broadaxe head pattern. I click on the part builder and set the broadaxe head pattern in with a piece of stone. Nothing comes up. "O.K..." I say to myself. So, I assume you can't put stone with the special tools. I look it up. You can... so I try again. Nothing. I try it with cobblestone and flint as well, nothing. So, I look it up again. I find a page with someone having the same problem. A reply to the post said to take everything out of the part builder and close the GUI, and then re-open it, and place the pattern first and material last. I tried that. Not working. So, I get pretty angry. I put all my tools in my chest, take off all my armor, morph back into a player, and try again (Sometimes morphs and mod stuff in my inventory can do some weird things) Still not working. I break the part builder, replace it, nothing. I craft a new one, nothing. I leave the game and re-enter, nothing. So, I try to make a new creative world to see if it works there. Oddly enough, my game crashed. I try again, it works. So, I place a part builder and get my axe pattern and stone. I try it. Nothing. I'm pretty mad, considering deleting and re-downloading the modpack. Should I? TL;DR Shortened Story (For those of you who just want to read about the problem) Whenever I try to make a stone broadaxe piece in the part builder, it doesn't work. It doesn't crash or anything... it's just that the stone broadaxe doesn't appear in the part builder. Like, I had the wrong recipe. I looked it up, I didn't. What I tried; To make a new world (Failed) To break the part builder (Failed) To make a new part builder (Failed) To put the materials in the part builder a certain way (Failed) To close and re-open the GUI (Failed) To close and re-open the game (Failed) To empty my inventory (Failed) To morph back into player mode (Failed) I haven't tried deleting and re-downloading the modpack, though. Should I?