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  1. ​What part did you get stuck on? If you could figure out what step you're stuck at, I could help more. c:
  2. Pack updated to version 3.0.27! Lots of mods updated, a couple removed and a couple added! Lots of configs tweaks, and fixes, including Minetweaker! Click the link for the full Changelog.
  3. Another note, I made an official thread on the Minecraft Forums for this pack too! Check it out there for additional information and updates!
  4. As a note and word of warning, Blood Utils and Sanguimancy (Blood Magic Add-ons) will likely be removed next update as they are just a bit too buggy for this pack, and the work in progress of them is just not quite ready yet for the stability I'm trying to keep. Similar to the problems I had with Mine & Blade, just too buggy!
  5. That sounds pretty similar to Steve's Workshop. Not quite the same, but it has your basic ideas. No brewing, but it has the Crafting and Furnace in one, with upgrades, storage, and such.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad to see people enjoy it, it makes me happy to see my hard work enjoyed by many! Blood moons are fun, risky, but fun. Perhaps a bit of an annoyance in the beginning, but once you gather up and make good gear and weapons, it's an amazing experience. I'll have to scrounge up a way to add server files for people, as, honestly, I don't even know how to do it, my husband does all the server work! We'll look into it though, definately not anything I ever had to make before. Also, thanks for the feedback, it's interesting how many people feel the same way.
  7. Thanks for all your feedback on the pack, it's all very much appreciated and helpful! I'm kinda bummed about the loss of Battlegear, mostly as it added stuff that no other mods I can find seem to, but oh well. Also, don't forget about JABBA Barrels and Storage Drawers for extra Storage! Bibliocraft shelves and armor stands and etc are also very helpful for storage, and display of all your stuff as well! I purposely didn't add iron Chests in here because it wasn't in the original, and because Better Storage is in here, and not many packs seem to ever have it, so I didn't want it to get ignored, and I just think the look and feel of Better Storage fits with Hexxit a lot more. There's also the Knapsack and Backpacks, you can store a lot in them and carry them on you!
  8. Pretty much this, that's what my husband and me always do. I made sure to list all the mods and label which ones are client so it'll be easy to tell which ones shouldn't be in a server, or you can remove if you don't prefer them.
  9. I saw this as an appropriate place to share. I have not seen any 1.7.10 pack for Hexxit that follows the legacy in my eyes, I have not played a pack that felt like Hexxit since the original Hexxit. I was starting miss the feel of Hexxit, I wanted to see it in 1.7, but I couldn't honestly find a pack that felt right to me, and seeing how the Hexxit name was passed off to someone else, and seeing Hexxit 2 hands on, I felt that since no pack I have seen for Hexxit in 1.7.10 appealed to me, that I'd just make my own from my own strong love and passion for the original, from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to bring back as many mods as I could, it's just not Hexxit without them! Adding more mods that fit into the style, more dungeons, more mobs, more weapons, more pretty things! I felt rushes of nostalgia and excitement as I tested my pack, it felt so good to have that Hexxit feel again after so long. I spent most of time time configuring the dungeons and towers so they'd be as rewarding and fun to explore as I could make them! Hexxit is all about exploration after all! I wanted to stay authentic to the feel of the original, from the often silly chest loot you'd find, to simply how everything looked, it was truly an experience to me in the beginning, and I wanted others to feel the same way. To experience my Hexxit Revisit yourself, take a look here, or just look at some screenshots below. I want this to remain open, after all, Hexxit is most fun with friends! Feel free to share in whatever way you wish, I just want as many people as possible to experience the joy of Hexxit in a new form, in a new version! Share the fun, share the adventure, share the magic! As a note, if anyone has a crash report to share, please post it to Pastebin first and link it, or else it will be ignored.