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  1. Rules: 1.no griefing, stealing or anything of the sort This is fully vanilla tekkit classic, no plugins, banned items or banned mods All who i accept will be opped. The world is fresh, never been used before, and so is the server so no community yet The expected uptime is on weekends for sure Application 1. Username 2. what mods your best at 3.age (im 14) 4.Skype (optional) I will check this post about every 30 or so minutes. I will contact you on skype if your accepted!
  2. I just made a new whitelisted tekkit server, no hamachi needed and anyone who wants to join must leave the following info 1. minecraft name 2. skype name, if none then make one or leave 3.age, im 13 btw 4.how much experience with build and industrial craft and equivalent exchange(i know quite a bit)
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