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  1. We might be getting a sponsored sever from elite pro hosting for YouTube if you want to be in the series fill out these questions Link to YouTube channel(must have): How many subs: Google hangouts(must have): Link to twitch(optional): How many followers: Can you put this image in every video you do for the series ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > : Will you advertise elite pro hosting in the description of every video on you're Chanel: email: recording software(if you don't have one get OBS it is the best for minecraft and face cam): What state and country do you live in(must be close to Australia for optimal interactivity): How many video can you make per week: How many hours per week will you spend on the sever: Do you do hardcore grieving/trolling(lite annoying trolls aloud): how much do you know about the mods in crazy craft 2.2: do you think making a town is a good idea: What sort of player are you: Age( it dose not matter I am 12 turning 13 no restrictions): do you like mods: Will you link my the other players channels in the description: Can you make good thumbnails(if not I can make some for you here is a example thumbnail ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="562px">">' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="562px"> ): Thanks for replying to the sever Here is the site for elite pro hosting / eliteprohosting.net My Chanel: youtube.com/channel/UCJ_V7j9Qcx5dHLklhaFaWYQ
  2. 1. IGN:owenbrady 2. AGE:13 3. Location: (Just the Country you live in) Example; USA:Victoria Australia 4. Time you will be on: ( Help's for other time zones ):4 o'clock till whenever 5. Your E-mail:[email protected] 6. i have a gamevox.com acount it is like tea speak but you can have a team of 6 free for life 7. What Knowledge you have with minecraft: Mod config's, Plugins, Building Nice Structures:I am a bit rusty but I have a great knowledge about minecraft mods I have an idea how about we all get Google+ acounts and talk through Google hangouts it is free and easy