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  1. Welcome to Ironclad Minecraft IP Address: A view of the world: We took great liberties with creating the world you'll be playing in. Server Rules: No disrespecting server administration, If you respect us, we will respect you. No flaming other players No griefing, its just rude. No stealing from other players. No begging for special privileges, Revered and Veteran ranks are earned through time. Glitching banned items (Obtaining through glitches) is not allowed. No destroying parts of the main city or other cities. A little about us: Ironclad was created by people who have a passion for Minecraft. We are all experienced with hosting servers and managing them. Our number one goal is to ensure all players are having the most fun that they possibly can with us. We promise to always treat everyone fairly and equally. We are completely fine with criticism and want to improve upon anything players have issues with. Any reports will be looked into with the utmost time and efficiency. And we hope you all enjoy the server. Banned Items: Most of the items in this list were banned for anti-griefing / bug issues. TNT Minecart with TNT Dynamite (Stevecarts) Dynamite Carrier Dynamite (Balkon) SPAMR SPAMR Rockets Rift Blade Unstable Door Dimensional Door Warp Door Golden Dimensional Door Chunk Loader Spot Loader Transdimensional Trapdoor Dimensional Anchor ALL Balkon's Flails (Parents all GUI elements to the ball and some entities) All Warhammers (Can break protection) Quarry (Chunk loader / Griefing) Chunk Loader (Minefactory) Chunk Loader (Steve's Carts) Unifier (Cheat) CC HTTP API (Exploitation) Enderthermic Pump Spatial Pylon Spatial IO Port Matter Cannon We make look into unbanning some of these items in the near future but for now they will stay banned. We hope to see you soon!
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