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  1. I am from country where is not english language.If you don't understand it's your problem but i can repeat this for peoples with low iq...When you have problem with peoples who are from other countries and don't speak very good english then leave this forum... 1.I have blocked acc! I can send to admins my pass and e-mail. I was many times click request but it's not show message about ressending and in e-mail si nothing...I think this can only do technic admin... 2.My modpack is deleted from technic platform...Modpack with 102k runs and 58k downloads.Deleted without any warning or reason. 3. I like the modpack creators i was only answer to: We was have modlist in about... And why technic didn't delete http://www.technicpa...00.550811/about and http://www.technicpa...5968/changelog? We was have all legal.But i answered when it's illegal why technic don't delete this modpacks. Era do Futuro have 2months and Dinocraft 1month. My modpack was have only 1 month...
  2. I mean it's says verify your email adress...But the email was never resend to my email.And i had two modpacks.Assasin's Creed and Ultimate Real Life RolePlay+. Ultimate Real Life RolePlay + had 102k runs and 58k downloads.I don't know how can technic delete popular modpack with 102k runs and 58k downloads without any reason or warning.
  3. We was have modlist in about... And why technic didn't delete http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/a-era-do-futuro-200.550811/about and http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dinocraftpack.565968/changelog?
  4. Hello, I'd like to ask why did my modpack "Ultimate real life+" got deleted. I want to know the reason and if something can be done to get it back on technic platform. Thank you.
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