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  1. Well I have no idea why that worked but yes. Thank you very much! For some reason launching the techniclauncher through the .exe instead of the shortcut pinned onto my taskbar. No problems downloading modpacks and my ping has gone down to normal levels. Thank you! Edit: actually it couldn't have been the .exe, my girlfriend has been using that and had the problems and it has cleared up for her too now... Not too sure what the problem was, hopefully it will stay cleared. Thanks for the help!
  2. Anyone have any other suggestions at all? I'm stumped.
  3. Just deleted .technic and .minecraft and reinstalled technic launcher. Download problem is still carrying on. I'm very confused too, not sure why this is being such a problem.
  4. I'd agree but I have logged into my router and found only two devices connected, mine and my girlfriends, I run virus scans regularly and I don't get these download problems with any other program. This is the result of a speedtest I just carried out: '> I have also tried "ipconfig /flushdns" to see if that helps, ping decreased but is still high, and I still can not download any modpacks.
  5. Yes the router does have that option but I turned it off and it had no effect unfortunately. I'm not sure if anything changed, a week ago I was on a voltz server with a normal connection and at the beginning of this week my ping to the server increased, now the ping to any server I try to connect to is high. Since that occurred I decided to try a different modpack, pixelmon, and that's when I realized I have issues downloading extra modpacks. I just updated my Java to the newest version and the problems are still persisting. Thanks for the help so far by the way.
  6. Yup, I have reinstalled the launcher and the problem remained. I asked my girlfriend to try downloading any modpack to see if it is just me having the problem and her download is stuck at or around 0% as well. That lead me to think the router was the problem but I have disabled the firewall on this and can't see any other problems.
  7. Just now I was downloading for 2 hours, I got to 53% and the download cancelled. Here is my .log file after this. http://pastebin.com/E4RcXu8L
  8. I have disabled all firewalls, avast, windows and the firewall on my modem and now the download is continuing past 0%, but it is incredibly slow. All other downloads are fine and speed tests are showing my speeds are 105 Mbps for within the UK connections and 59 Mbps for UK to US connections. Are there any other options i could change to increase the speed of modpack downloads?
  9. http://pastebin.com/0BbdHCLg There is the pastebin link to the log file in the log folder of .technic. Was that the one you meant? It did not seem to update the log file after failure to download again because it failed at 00:12 and the last update to the file was 00:10.
  10. Hello, I have been using the technic launcher for a while now with no problems but recently thought I would try some of the modpacks on the discover tab. When I click install on any modpack I will get the banner saying "installing mod: X.zip 0%". This will stay at 0% for roughly 3 minutes and then will disappear with no error message. I have tried disabling my antivirus and firewall because I have seen others with similar issues but this has not worked. Is there anything I could try to make this work? Many thanks, ProcessedSpecimen
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