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  1. No one? I'm not taking off until I figure this stuff out. I would love a response from some one familiar with galacticraft.
  2. I built my tier 1 rocket today for the first time. I accidentally forgot to add my three chests in when creating the rocket ship in the nasa table. Now it has no storage. Is it too late to attach my chests to the rocket? My first space expedition is going to suck now unless I build another one -.-
  3. Thank you alchemy. I have a steady supply of ender pearls and I didn't have to cheat. My problem is resolved. Thank you.
  4. I'm looking into this now. I have a lot of valuable blocks to use it's just that farming ender pearls is like pulling teeth for me. Half the time the fools aren't even carrying any pearls!
  5. This was a clever idea and I just checked to see if it would work and it wouldn't. I allowed cheats but I think it's for other people who join and not me. The recipe book still acts as a recipe book instead of a cheat book.
  6. So I've spent the last few hours trying to get cheats working on my single player world. I learned how to fix the problem from a google search but at this point I've only got the cheats working on new worlds I've generated. It's really frustrating to me because I can be browsing the nei pages on one of my survival servers and spawning whatever I like, but when I go back on my favorite world the pages act like recipe mode regardless of whether or not I set it to cheat mode. It's too late to allow cheats too because I forgot to set that when I first generated the world. I can go to r
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