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  1. Server has even more donation rewards, and more soon to be unlocked for non-donors.
  2. I have just added towny to enable player shops. All the shop plots are right near the main spawn. Come check it out.
  3. I have just updated the server to Tekkit version 3.1.2. Topic title properly reflects this change.
  4. Anyone who wouldn't want to join a server with a logical owner and operating staff has my full permission to stay off of it. For example, Richie551.
  5. mcMMO works fully, even with DM and RM tools. Only problem is repairing gem tools, due to meta ID errors.
  6. Almost completely finished setting up mcMMO to have all of the Tekkit tools and blocks!
  7. What the OP means is that you can't use the button on the top right for "Emit when full" or whatever, I have this same problem on my server. I press the redstone button and nothing happens. It doesn't change states, or anything else. So the MFSU emitting a redstone signal function isn't working.
  8. Server still lag free and open. There are a bunch of regular players that are all willing to help. Come check it out.
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