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  1. im putting my effort in i may not be speaking alot because im trying to fix it myself because i dont understand alot
  2. ik but idk how to tell u more information i open the modpack and it closes
  3. I Changed my pack version to 1.7.10 it made it work but then it crashes (obviously)
  4. K thanks i think this is it http://pastebin.com/Fp5Fu6CM
  5. How do i find the crash report soz?
  6. OK i got it working but when i go into the game a second later it goes back to the launcher Help Please? it loads up with this thing then takes me to technic launcher. Here is the Photo: '>
  7. I put it in my mods folder and created a new zip. it still dont work
  8. So i put that in my mods? in my pack
  9. Hey guys so i created a modpack with a couple of mods i watched alot of videos and did exactly what all of them said? any help please? This is my Pack http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/ssm-164
  10. Hey guys i tried playing attack of the b team with my friend today and when i opened "launch" it says "Could not reserve enough space for 3145728KB object heap" Im not sure whats happening because i got 8GB ram and 590GB left on my computer? Help Please ASAP
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