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  1. If you would of read earlier posts, the server has been removed. There is no ultra modded survival server anymore. It was causing way too many problems, including all the servers randomly being erased. This form should of been closed.
  2. Dude. This forum should of been closed. The server is completely gone. The server in general was causing the other servers not to even start.
  3. Ign: Crosmanairsoft Age: 14 Internet Speed: 2.63Mbps Download, 3.24Mbps Upload, 68ms Ping Do you have teamspeak? (Most have): Yes Why are you interested in this server?: I love Voltz and have been with the DG community for a while and every server is awesome! Do you work well in teams?: Yes Adding another application for my friend: Ign: fenix031882 Age: 14 Internet Speed: 11Mbps Download, 9.25Mbps Upload, 47ms Ping Do you have teamspeak? (Most have) : yes Why are you interested in this server?: The server sounds really fun and I have been looking for a Voltz server for a while. Do you work well in teams?: Yes
  4. We'll, it's not that easy, and another thing is that the Ultra server was causing the other servers problems.
  5. We had the same problems with auto-anvils on the B-Team server. And the people who do place the auto-anvils know what they do. They just don't like the server.
  6. Yes, the server has chaned to Voltz, I am not too happy about it either. We are setting up a world download so at least everyone can continue in single player. One of the main problems with the server being offline is auto-anvils. Auto-anvils for some reason, right as they get placed will crash the server immediately. And there is no possible way to remove them. We do blacklist them, but every single modpack update un-blacklists them. The only way to remove them is rollbacks.
  7. Ok, the problem with the server isn't backups, Apallo has been getting numerous power outages. If you look on the teamspeak it even says so. Goes to show how helpful Teamspeak is. This is what he has posted: "We had another power outage last night, which resulted in the Derailed Networks VPS to crash. I am working on fixing it, but it will probably be down for most of today, and possibly tomorrow as well."
  8. We don't pay for the server, Apallo does as far as I know. He also has to manage the vanilla server on the same server box. So there is little time to work on one server, let alone two at the same time. If it were hosted, than there would be more people available to work on it, but that is not the case. We do not do daily backups because of the amount of space daily backups would use.
  9. Ever heard of overall server problems? Sometimes the actuall server box has errors that have to be physically fixed, and sometimes people don't get enough free time to get around to fixing it, me and Lubdub are only in-game admins. We can't manage files or the physical server box.
  10. I would be happy if you could help me (: (in the applying form for your server)

  11. Welcome Rockfallon, shabalaba51, Germanyxx3, Diego227, and Christoph13_5! Use the PM functionality for these kind of posts, Also reduce swearing as much as possible, It does show anger, but it is very unnecessary. I will check it out right after this is posted.
  12. The server has updated, try joining again, if you still cant join, delete your modpack folder and download the pack through the launcher again.
  13. Welcome BrendenY! PLease do get teamspeak, it simplifies things a lot. Its also nice to see someone else from Missouri.
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