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  1. I'm looking to start up a Voltz server myself for testing to eventually become a public server that isn't dictated on Pay-to-Win donations. However, I'm not very program language adept; so I'm curious if there is a source somewhere that has the server files already patched/fixed so that all the duplications and major bug crashing items are no longer having issues and can be made available in the server rather than banning a lot of items. IE: Item Router and the Matter Cannon
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a good, decently populated, Voltz server to start out on. I've tried looking at most servers in the VoltzServers.com list but most of them don't seem very fun. Most of them support donation rewards such as Inifinite Batteries or giving them a stack of Anti-matter, etc. I get that donations are needed to keep the server up but I've seen others in the past do fine without giving other players such a steep advantage. Also would prefer a server that doesn't sell all the high end items in the Shop/Store. Getting a full set of upgraded/configed power armor on day 2 seems a
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