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  1. Hoping that some people will come on the MC server and have some fun! :D

  2. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/super-modded-survival-sms.492473 Server IP: sc22.servercraft.co:56165 Rules: No cheating plugins Be nice to fellow players No griefing No PVP Admin's rules are final Do not ask to be admin We are a small community of gamers that I created in hopes of creating a friendly environment where people could bring friends and make new friends to play games with. Our website is: www.highscoregaming.org We made the server for this mod because the co-owner of the group loves the mod. So please feel free to come use the server and any of the other 3 game servers we have. Currently the server doesn't have a lot of spaces and slots, but if more people use the server, and we get a few donations going, we will increase the server size. The expected uptime is always. The server is always open and available. It does, however, fall asleep if no one is on it for more than a few hours. So when connecting, it may give you the message to please wait for the server to wake up. It will take less than a minute i guarantee it. The community, as I said, is very small. It is one i have created with a friend. And we are just looking for some people looking for some good fun. We like to joke around a lot, but in the nice way.We are happy to have just about anyone on the server. If you are just looking for a good small group for you and your friends to play on, this is it! We don't have whitelist/greylist on the server. Again, we are eager to have anyone on the server as we are open to all friends. Our server is simple as we are simple ourselves. This is a small non-profit group, as I pay for everything out of my own pocket. All donations go right to the servers to help pay for them. Please feel free to visit and see what we are about! We have other servers too including: Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: GO, and Insurgency. We also have a Teamspeak 3 server up and available for you to use to chat with all of us and your friends! Hope you check us out soon!~ ~WubzyWubbles
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