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  1. All I want is to install the Minecraft Oasis modpack, and I already spent like 6 hours trying to do so, unsuccessfully. Why is it so difficult? Thanks, Miasnow
  2. I should probably add that I do find something that was installed, but it can't be the Launcher, because there is nowhere to install mod packs from. When I click for example on one of the Trending Modpacks on the right side of the screen, it just takes me back to the http://www.technicpack.net/ website, and the "Install this modpack" button that doesnt work and doesnt install anything. I feel like I'm really missing something basic here. Thanks
  3. I find the TechnicLauncher.exe file that I downloaded, but when I click on it, it installs so quickly that I don't see where it installs to. And when I do a search on my hard drive, I can't find the installed program anywhere, neither in the control panel or through search functions. I already installed it like 10 times, each time hoping that maybe this time it will work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!! Miasnow
  4. Hi, I'm aware that this is probably a stupid question: but HOW do I open the Launcher? I installed it several times, but then can't find it anywhere... thanks! Miasnow
  5. Hi, complete newbe question here: I'm trying to use the technic laucher to install Oasis modpack, but I don't find where to paste the copied URL to! When I go here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/oasis-ihascupquakes-modpack.149166 ...and click "install" it just says: URL copied to clipboard. But whats next? Where shall I paste that into? Thanks very much Miasnow
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