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  1. Age: Both 16IGN: Lickbread & docterwho1255Reason you want to join: I wish to join this server with my friend as we want to play in a small community. We wish to play in this server as we have no alternatives when it comes to availability of white listed servers as well as the tekkit pack itself.
  2. Howdy. It'd be quite dandy if me and my friend could have the opportunity of joining this server of yours. We are both of age and are matured well enough to know not to break the rules and what not. Our usernames are: 'docterwho1255' (Cringe) and 'Lickbread'. We are coming back to tekkit and would like to participate in a mature server in which we will not be constantly disturbed nor disturbing others. We've tried other servers and they're not for us. Best wishes, Zulu.
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