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  1. Thank you, for a decent post that was actually flameless. I do try my best, (even if I don't show it), I don't want to get banned because this forum is the only decent one that has to do with mc and technic. I salute kake & co. for making this piece of wonderful technology. I just wanted to share what a stupid class I have, and that's it. So, more good posts, less bad posts. :)
  2. Oh yes, I just came in yesterday from Internet Explorer state.. very boring there.
  3. define:retarded - "The word retarded in slang means to get stupid; just act how you want to; dance like you don't know what you're doing. One normally becomes "retarded" after popping an ecstasy pill or doing some sort of drug." There.
  4. I don't call him the gay, I just categorize everyone. (Stupid, gamers, girls etc.) You may think that's primitive, but imo it works pretty fine, if I happen to forget one of their names (and 2 years with them still hasn't made me remember) I just look at my lists and I see. Reason I call the stupid the retarded, is because they really are retarded. Not as in, dyslexic, but actually fucking retarded. They don't listen to the teacher and play on their iPods and iPhones all day long and in the end, a day before a fucking exam that'll doom you, they shout at the headmaster that the teacher isn't teaching them well. Oh, don't worry. I am stalking you. I don't really call him the gay, he's not really gay after all. I just don't have another word in my vocabulary that fits well. (But he did volunteer for that part in the film) So don't hate.
  5. What else can I say, a homosexual? A transvestite? A bi-sexual? Excuse my 14 year old vocabulary.
  6. Why, in the name of god, would you keller me again? There are no rules here, and I was just posting about my retarded class!
  7. I think if you launch the launcher in offline mode it'll work.. no idea, though.
  8. ^ This. I wonder how we got from Java for Mac to Mac vs. PC... :\
  9. We're 15. And I call him the gay, because he listens to Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and dresses up like that O_O
  10. Ah, a fail on my part. I'm sorry :\ I never was on 4chan
  11. Actually, there are tons of items that MoC adds, so there might be conflicts. And entity conflicts as well. I once installed Planes and MoC on the same server, and the litter boxes came out as bomber planes. >.>
  12. Merci! Also, a standard 200ml beer cup. It's only on birthdays.
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