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  1. Re: Can you run Tekkit with the .jar? K, thanks for the answer. How come you didn't direct me to the stickies before? This forum obviously needs better moderators. Usually they are calm and helpful, not rude and dumb. I was in a time crunch and needed an answer fast. I don't have time to read through the forum posts first. Sorry, I guess? But seriously, I don't see what I did wrong here, I just asked a question. You could have AT LEAST locked the topic immediately instead of flaming me right after I posted my question. You also accused me of trying to get a pirated Tekkit launcher.... Is everyone who asks a quick question a pirate? Thanks PoLoMoTo for actually answering WITHOUT raging me to death. You deserve to be a moderator more than that other guy. And that's saying a lot considering I don't know you at all. xD Now quick, ban my account now before you read the whole post again!
  2. Re: Can you run Tekkit with the .jar? What the heck? Back seat mod much Neo? I'm asking if you can run it with the .jar.... I don't need any download links. Man you guys are REALLY paranoid. I mean really, if you actually READ the first POST, maybe you'd know. It's a yes or no question. Don't try to rage me out of the forums man. Jeez. Calm. Down.
  3. Re: Can you run Tekkit with the .jar? Okay.... Nice flame xD. I thought people could help here, but whatever.
  4. Re: Can you run Tekkit with the .jar? xD I knew you would do that lol. My friend isn't me. I can log onto a server with you RIGHT NOW. Trust me, my Technic Pack actually works. (with me LEGIT minecraft account named Justinvan1). I bought it during Alpha, unlike you guys lol
  5. The Tekkit Launcher isn't working for my friend, and he's too stupid to post in the forums. IDK what the problem is, he just said that the Tekkit Launcher isn't working. Is there a way to run it with the .jar?