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  1. Thank You, This has worked, And I assume that this will work for the other voxel mods. I did not know it was that easy. Again Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me install lite loader onto tekkit legends. I love the voxel mods including voxel menu, voxel map, etc. I know mym has a launcher that uses those mods, but they don't update their tekkit legends server like the rest of the servers, therefore making it unreliable. I don't plan on making the added mods in a public pack (cause of a number of reasons). So if anyone can help that would be awesome
  3. Just joined it and im already loving it. There is barely any lag so none of that frustrating "Wait for the blocks" mining. Also, the people on the server are nice. So all in all its a 10/10 server
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