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  1. ​You have been whitelisted for awhile valkyrie, sorry i did not post after doing so. ​whitelisted ^ ​Whitelist ^ ​Whitelisted ^
  2. ​ ​ Both are whitelisted, Please make sure you are running the correct version of the modpack before you join welcome.
  3. ​ ​Both of you are whitelisted and should be able to join the server without issue. Just a reminder, we are running modpack version 1.2.1RC1_B2_A1
  4. Added an application format as requested by admins.
  5. ​Added, thank you for the feedback. ​Beldhyr, you seem to have a similar mindset to the majority of our players. To address your concerns: 1. Being quite a bit older is not an issue, one of our closest gaming friends (who does not play MC anymore) is in his 60s, you will just have to see if you can tolerate us 20-30 somethings 2. you probably wont be alone on night shift, we have a player who works third shift as well, and plays around those times. 3. As stated before, skype is not required, friendly chats in game are fine if you like. 4. pranks for the most part are small and rare, we will make sure members are aware you do not wish to participate in such activity. 5. I dont think you have much to worry about with that, as taglocks would fall into the "prank" category as far as i am concerned, if it ever gets that bad with something (where you would be cursed, though i doubt that would happen here) I would do my best to find a way to reverse the effects. Having a game unplayable due to another individuals actions is completely unfair to the player. 6. I am against resets myself, the only situations where a reset would happen is if an unavoidable event occurs (server host issue that deletes the world), or if an overwhelming majority of players motion for a reset (im talking 90%+). As far as the core members of the server go, we are against resets and I plan to keep the server/modpack/map as is for the indefinite future, and have no interest in changing it. (assuming there are no unavoidable issues as stated above) As for building, you are more than welcome to build solo. We only truly have 1 decent builder right now. As for myself, my designs and structure are fine, but my block choice/color scheme choices are TERRIBLE. Maybe i could learn some things from seeing your builds My only concern for you (despite being a solo builder) is that due to you mainly being on at night, and our low player base, that we would seem like a dead server to you. You are more than welcome to come try it out. The Mianite modpack has just about every mod I have ever wanted to try and more. I have edited the original post with the server IP. When you get time, go ahead and connect if you would like to try the server/modpack out - you *should* be kicked on first attempt, at which point i will change your role to member. (as you have to have tried to connect once for me to do so, we are having issues with the standard whitelist process and this is the work around we have at the moment. The server hosting admins are looking for a solution that does not clash with the mods.) EDIT: whitelist appears to be working correctly after the update (updated server due to timeout issues) so go ahead and try joining if you like, I added you to the list.
  6. Hello all! We are looking to add to our community, playing on a private server running the "Realm of mianite" modpack. (modpack can be found here http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/realm-of-mianite.579505 the server runs modpack version 1.2.1RC1_B2_A1 Our server is hosted on the East coast (USA) We are all hard working adults who enjoy to come home, relax, and have some fun on MC. We are looking for like minded individuals to join. We have players from ages 20 to 30, both male and female. I would like to request that all players who contact me about joining be at least 18 years old. We are a close group of friends and we generally have a skype call going with 2-4 people, so a microphone and willingness to chat is preferred (but not required) Standard server etiquette applies, please do not grief, steal, harass, etc. PVP is disabled. Pranks are welcome if you are familiar and in good standing with the other player. Please refrain from chunk loaders, and the Ender quarry is recommended over the BC quarry, as the ender quarry has less load on the server, and is more efficient for gathering materials. Username: Name (optional): Hobbies (both on and off minecraft): What are you looking for in a server: Why you think we would be a good fit: IP: Hope to hear from you soon, -Biro
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