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  1. Hiho, I have a problem with the CarriageController and Computercraft. My Setup: There is a modem attached to both computer and Carriage Controller, the modems are connected by network cables. The Modem + Cable on the Controller are within the Template Carriage, so they are moving with the Controller. The problem: I use "peripheral.call("JAKJ_RIM_CarriageController_0","move",0,false,false) to move the Carriage one block down, this works fine. But when I use another move command (no matter if the direction is the same or different), the computer seems to crash, it doesnt react anymore, and neither CTRL+S or CTRL+R will help, only destroying and placing the computer again works. I've tried placing the Carriage Controller both in and out of the template carriage, yielding the same result. Has anyone encountered this problem yet or knows a fix ? Greetings Laudian
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