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  1. IGN (Minecraft Name) - Burning_Passion Age - 18 Why do you want to join this server? - Im looking to meet new people in the minecraft community and have some fun, experimenting with the different mods implemented in the pack. How often would you play? - I would probably play everyday for at least an hour, but work could result in me playing less then usual Do you use team speak - I have skype, but I can download team speak to interact with others. Any other info you feel is necessary - Im a very active builder, and sometimes get obsessed with building which results in me falling behind in furthering myself with understanding of the mod pack. I can also help build homes for people who are struggling on the server. Sincerely Bk - Burning_Passion
  2. Age - 18 Why I want to join - would like to play on a server in which does not involve any type of grief involved. I do have skype if anyone would want to chat whilst playing.
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