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  1. Added 3 moderators : GingerSwaggins , [Mod] Petlover48 , CMarshall08 , And some helpers
  2. Website : ServerIP: Server Description: B-Team is the second addition to the NewDivideMC network, we currently have a vanilla factions/creative/acid-islands server and now Attack of the b-team! Enough about that. The B-team server is a semi vanilla B-team server with all mods enabled, yes all of them :). There's a 2 major player plugins which are: essentials and greif-prevention so your creations doesn't get greifed. The server is online 24/7, with a active playerbase of 20-30 players every day. Five simple Rules: +----------------------------------+ Be respectful +----------------------------------+ Be ethical +----------------------------------+ Use common sense +----------------------------------+ No greifing what so ever. +----------------------------------+ No advertising. +----------------------------------+ And that's it for this short intro :), Hope to see you soon!