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  1. ‚ÄčI have tried all of those things. Holding F down, holding shift & F down (which I think should actually unload a foci not load one?) And I have tried it with them in the pouch & out of the pouch just sitting in my inventory. It never accesses one of the foci in any way? And thank you for responding to my post.
  2. I have worked with Thaumcraft and am familiar with most of it from playing on a solo game. (Well several builds actually) But my friends and I have started playing on a multiplayer server we set up using the :The 1.7.10 Pack mod. UP till this point I had no issues with key mapping conflicts or any such? Even with conflicts from other mods using the F key to change the wand foci has always worked on my other solo builds. Anyway it isn't working in this build and I'm wondering if it can be a server setting that is keeping me from being able to change the wand foci? I have tried changing the key mapping both from the inventory options and from the control options under options when you step out of the game? No matter what key I set it to or even when I cleared all conflicts with the F key it still did not work?? I have 6 foci created and I have tried accessing them from inside the foci pouch and just sitting in my pack and I cannot get it to work?? Is there a manual way to apply a foci to a staff?? I am not trying to apply it to the wrong wand or type of wand. I know it is supposed to work only on the staffs/staves not the crafting wands. Thaumcraft is one of my favorite mods and it is really depressing that this is not working after going through all the work of researching till I could use infusion and finding all the ingredients for all this crap! It's taken me weeks! Please if someone knows a fix for this whether in a server setting or just my own game options I'd really appreciate the help? I am not sure if launcher logs would be useful at this point since it's not a crash? But if they will help let me know and I"ll paste them to pastebin. Right now I have to run my wife to her doctor appointment and I'll be back in about 45 mins. I see no information being posted to the launcher window when I try using the set key so I'm pretty sure they won't be much use.
  3. Can someone tell me where I can find texture packs that would be compliant with the modpacks available through the technic launcher? We are using "The 1.7.10 Pack" and we are enjoying it for the most part but the graphics could use some help. I was looking for a texture package I could add to my resource packs folder to improve things? Not even sure if that's possible but if it is maybe someone could direct me to the texture packs and if it isn't maybe someone could share that knowledge with me? Thanks