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  1. If a moderator closes a topic it means that you shouldn't pick it up again. bochen415 said that you can join back in 2 months again, so accept it. You pasted your server link multiple times in the chat and don't listen to the mod (hello, it's me), and then you complain about it?
  2. I've updated to v0.6.3 with some world-gen and portal fixes. Changelog here:
  3. Download Discord Server Welcome to Solum Unum (lat. "just one"). It's a new and fresh Minecraft modpack for version 1.7.10 and for 3 months in development. You can't enter the Nether and End dimension at all, and are stuck in the Overworld. This modpack focuses on providing you a polished and unique modded Minecraft experience with many interesting, challenging and fun mods in it, which force you to think more creative about solutions. Basically: Do whatever you want, you have many possibilities! Big names for mods are: Mariculture, Immersive Engineering, ExtraBiomesXL with Alternate Terrain Generation, Open Computers with Computronics, OpenPeripheral & Zetta Industries, Integrated Circuits, Aura Cascade, Carpenters Blocks & Chisel, ChocoCraft, Clay Soldiers, Flaxbeard's Steam Power, Pam's Harvestcraft with Cooking for Blockheads, PneumaticCraft, QuiverBow, Railcraft with Steve's Carts & Cart Livery. More information is on the modpack page.
  5. Technic Platform link TechnicSolder | Server package | Issue Tracker Minecraft Forums thread "Dimension Walker" is a Minecraft modpack for the version 1.7.10. It contains many mods with additional dimensions to explore, conquer and utilize. This modpack adds, in order to simplify this, many practical mods which add electricity, pressure, magic and more. The goal is to master all dimensions! Screenshots and videos will follow!
  6. Hello there, I got a really annoying bug on my modpack for one week. The stats (likes, runs, downloads) won't change. At all. I can't unlike and unfollow it either. And I don't know what to do against it. I tried contacting the support, wrote on reddit, but nobody responded. Should I redo the modpack or what? Because I don't want to have my modpack on the same stats forever. I didn't see someone yet with a similar problem. Modpack link SunshineHunter Edit: Got a response on reddit, if someone is interested