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  1. ‚Äč Hi my name is Cold. I am a 16 year old african american male who loves to game, and be with friends. I will play pretty much any type of videogame, and have no preference on type. I own minecraft,and other games, recording software, and have a mic, but I cannot record in high quality, because Im in the middle of building a better PC I am stuck with a i3 laptop till then. So until I finish my better PC it'll be safer for me to record around 480p I can manage that at 60 frames.I live in the US as well and go by EST (eastern standard time) but i am currently still in high school and will be in school from 7:00 am to 3:15pm I normally get home around 4:50 to 5:00 If you have any questions about me then drop me a line on any of these. Skype:coldkilla4357 I have TS Or through PM Steam:coldkilla4357 Have a nice day! Also if you wish to talk to me it would help if you spoke english.....