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  1. Are you creating the modpack for your own use, or for a server? If for personal use, follow this video tutorial by DoctorDharok. It's simple and fairly easy to follow. It's very important to make sure everything in your pack is compatible, so take the time to add them one by one and then open minecraft to see if everything works properly before adding the next mod. Be sure all your mods are for 1.7.10, and that Forge is 1.7.10 (chose the "Universal" version of Forge). The only change I'd make to the video tutorial is that I used copy.com instead of Dropbox, because of Dropbox changing their policy for public files. Copy.com is free and very easy.
  2. Can someone explain to me what MCPC+ is, and if it's really required for making a server modpack?
  3. Using 1.7.10. Unable to find a version of Liteloader that isn't the installer. Can anyone help with a link?
  4. Trying to make a modpack which features VoxelMap, but while testing the pack (before actually making the zip file) I've run into the issue of where to put Liteloader, which is a requirement for the mod. It's obviously possible to use Voxelmap, as other modpacks have it, but I can't find information on where to place liteloader. If someone could clue me in, I'd appreciate it.
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