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  1. Hello Senor My Name is Doge im 13 year old boy i sound like a 5 year old mainly because my balls have sucked into my body so i have the highest pitch voice ever for a 13 year old i am builder i build nice things mainly because i have so many ideas it make up for my annoying voice and personality i have had minecraft since alpha and i had aotbt for a while though i am young but i know my technology. i have skills in aotbti I dont know witchery but i know every other mod. I set my goal on one thing and accomplish like getting wood pretty munch im a minon i will do all your needs i can become a farmer a miner pretty munch anything i know how to set a mass storage system pretty munch i mastered aotbt. Pretty munch i can build anything like a witches hut to a machine room. im a fast learner i can learn anything if you want i can learn witchery. I can set my self on many goals
  2. Application IGN: carloscortes99 (my old brother account before he handed to me) Find a nice peaceful server not like public servers were nearby land is demolished no resources left and there were lots of random people you dont know taking your stuff whitelisted servers you get to know people make friends and enemy's. And so if you are griefed you will probably know who it was. Experience With AOBT: yes i played for a while any time i have time to play i will play Skype:luis.cortes884 Age: just turned 13 even though look 13 my voice does'nt exactly match with my appearance Country: USA nothing to know about me im really quiet unless if i get hyper than I might be annoying
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