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  1. Sure man, we'll see if you adapt to our style of playing, everyone deserves a fair chance
  2. Oh sorry, forgot to mention that, it's 1.0.12b
  3. Luke, like I said before the main goal of this server is to make a roleplaying world with a history and lore an all, sure there will be big builds and lots of them, but the main goal is to make a real medieval sort of game, with jobs, economy, quests, etc... if you think this is what you'd like to contribute to, feel free to join us
  4. Okay Phantomaus, you and your friend are very welcome to join me, our server ip is If you come online today I'll be on myself, if you're only online tomorrow I won't be there but I trust you guys to play in a mature way. Enjoy!
  5. Hi, me and my friends started a serrver not so long ago and we try to make it very RPG-like, with kingdoms and factions and all. We recently agreed that we’d like more players to join us in these early stages of development. It’s a normal survival server with no mods removed so you can do everything you like, but we all build in a medieval sort of way. If anyone wants to join us, feel free to tell me your age, building style and why you’d like to help us develop this server. Our only goal is to make an awesome fantasy, rpg world and to have a lot of fun on the way. Also, we’re from Europe so we’d prefer to have only players from Europe so many people can be online at the same time. No griefers.
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