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  1. Usually I make it stupidly compact to the point of not being able to access anything anymore. Also, the server seems to always run fine for me, despite your massive creations.
  2. Chugs, I think you might go a bit overkill on everything... Slow down your industrial rampage for a minute! Nah, I approve of automation and creating stuff like that, so go ahead. Just don't crash the server.
  3. The Myst ages aren't the only way to get materials. The mineral world available to all is good as well, and not very limiting. It also resets fairly often, meaning there will always be ore there ready for you.
  4. I would gladly accept a few of them Hopefully you are as generous as most people on the server. People really do have a habit of helping others and giving their items and assistance.
  5. That's oddly specific. But hey, you are able to sell whatever you want. This server actually has a balanced economy which I appreciate. A lot of servers just have those few people who just have everything.
  6. Skylands allows all players a new environment, which is very fun to play around in, as the land formation is unique, and all players get the ability to fly here, making this area just for fun. Like the rest of the server, this area has very little competition, and plenty of space to build and play.
  7. This group is sure quite efficient, apparently some already have 8 thousand diamonds, and a bunch of HV solars after the reset. They work quickly while still being social-able, which is quite impressive.
  8. The economy is quite balanced on this server, allowing for claiming, buying and whatever else you might need to do, without the ridiculous grinding other servers have.
  9. If you ever have an issue about anything, the staff will always help you. They are good at enforcing the rules, as well as the use of the mods in the pack.
  10. You really get to know the other players. So it doesn't feel as impersonal, and only for gain when you interact with others, like other servers.
  11. All new players are integrated quite well, with a simple spawn and easy instructions, making this a good server to both start on, and play to your hearts content.
  12. Certainly one of my favourite servers. Small, but active community, and everyone is very helpful to each other. Also the ability to choose your play style while it still seems like a cohesive whole, is quite good.
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