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  1. Such a great server so far and the owner seems really cool! And quarries un-restricted and the best thing ever is NO FREAKING LAG! Greatest server ever! Play here or you will regret going to another server
  2. I am making great progress on gathering ores and doing a lot of quarrying can't wait to see how much I can horde!
  3. Been working on getting massive power and lots of resources. I can't wait to see what this reset has in store for me! <3
  4. Finally learned how to make my big reactor put out a lot of energy! I love big reactors! This server has amazing players on it that helps people oh and they now have player owned shops! Yes!
  5. I have finally learned how to make a reactor. So much power now. I can do anything. Hardest part is being effective with it. Next goal is to set up all my little farms for food, wool, trees and other little things oh and make my house look so pretty! I can't wait to see my house all pretty!
  6. My base is really coming along, I am learning a lot of amazing things here. I have never played this version of minecraft before and it is quite awesome. The players here are so friendly and help me whenever I get stuck and what not. I have finally got my farm to be automated not sure what I will do next thought.
  7. I love playing here, especially with the colored trees so I can make pretty colored planks to build my house out of. This server allows players to go to the moon so that is my goal, though I am just starting here I think this is going to be a great server to learn Galaticraft and a lot of mods I have never dabbled in.
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