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  1. Very sorry if I did, I don't expect to get unbanned if I did this. thank you for clearing it out.
  2. Now i havent played minecraft in along time and decided to come back to it, had some fun but then i wanted to step up to modded again, i noticed that technic is back and decided to join the discord, but then i noticed i couldnt join, testing to see if it was a glitch or a ban i sent the link to my friend and he could join, so i was wondering if i could get unbanned. (discord tag is PowerMasterYT#3240
  3. Welcome To CyborgianCraft, We try to give you the best moment here while having a great time! if you would like to play there are things here that will help you see if the server is right for you! Up time: Almost ALWAYS 24/7 There isn't a community just yet, but we do expect friendly and mature people. Plugins: Towny, Vault, PermissonsEX, GreifPrevention, Essentials, Lockette, And more to come! Rules: No Greifing No Raiding No Cursing (Unless allowed too) No Teleport Killing (TP Killing) No Spawn killing Banned Items: NONE! (For Now) For more like applying staff and stuff go to http://cyborgiaftw.weebly.com IP:
  4. ​Didnt missspell your name, just my hexxit didnt work at the time, so i couldnt whitelist you, now u can join
  5. Hello! This is PowerMasterFTW! and today, We are inviting YOU to join are white-listed hexxit server! and, here are a few helpful reminders 1. If you are accepted, Please join are town, we will have public things (for instance, Smeltery) 2. Please, Build neatly. If you do not, you may be kicked from the server. (forever) a.k.a don't build Sloppy, i mean a square house is fine, just don't put random blocks. 3. ALWAYS listen to: PowerMasterFTW And Emerald_GamerZ Now, We got that over with, lets start with the information you need to give us to join, we would like a age around 10 - 15, but anything elss is fine Username: Age: Why you want to join: How experienced are you: We will only allow a max of 10 to 15 players. once we have reached this limit, we may not add anyone elss untill someone leaves, OR we get more space. Thankyou for your time. -PowerMasterFTW P.S The ip is:
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