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  1. Loving my time on this server. I have come across a problem here and there but the community players are friendly and happy to help and the staff were as well. I hope to see more players on the server soon
  2. I am loving this server so far. I have already gotten plenty of materials and made myself lots of tools. I did run into a problem at some point but the staff was friendly and willing to help me.
  3. I have been putting the finishing touches on my place so that it is secure and well organised. I have got the vanilla stuff that I need to start such as a crafting table and a furnace now all I have left to do is to get the materials so that I can create the mod items that I need.
  4. I really do love this server. The staff and the people on the server are very friendly and I have managed to make a couple of friends. The staff were willing to help me out whenever I had a problem and even the people that were not staff offered to help as well. I hope to see more people to join this server.
  5. Loving my time on this server at the moment. I have made many new friends and am making a very great house. I am looking forward to my next time on the server when I can improve my house even more.
  6. Just went out with a quarry to the mining world and got myself plenty of new materials that I need to improve my machines and make components for my power armour,
  7. Sweet, I now have the materials needed to make all of the equipment that I can use to make an automated farm. This will ensure that I never run out of food and to make it more convenient I have it feeding the food right into my ME system, ready to be taken out and consumed.
  8. Now that I have made a great place on earth I am now looking at making a great place off world, on the moon. This place will have a breathable atmosphere inside and will make it easier to make the equipment that needs materials from sources that are only found on the moon.
  9. After making a change to my power supply and power cabling, I have made the power supply capable of delivering the maximum power produced through the conduits using two power taps. one connecting the main building and the other connecting the annex building. Each circuit has it's own resonant energy cell as a back up energy supply when the reactor is turned off, the reactor loses fuel or the conduit gets disconnected.
  10. I love going onto this server. Lots of friendly faces and endless possibilities. It's almost like playing the mod pack with no restrictions and with friend and others. The staff were friendly and always willing to help whenever something went wrong. I have enjoyed my experience on this server and I want others to feel the same way about tekkit. I hope to see more people on the server soon.
  11. Now that I have found the schematics for a tier 2 rocket and a moon buggy, I can now travel across the surface of the moon with ease and I can also get to work getting the materials needed to make the parts for a tier 2 rocket so that I can start exploring the surface of mars for anything valuable. I had best be prepared for the long journey ahead such as plenty of oxygen and good armour as well as fuel and an extra rocket so that I can get back in case I cannot recover the rocket.
  12. Now that I've finished my moon base I can now focus on exploring the surface so that I can find some schematics so I can build a rocket to go to mars. I had best be well prepared with lots of oxygen tanks and some good weapons and armour.
  13. Got to work starting my moon base. Got the walls done as well as the oxygen sealers and oxygen collectors with lots of leaves nearby. Now I have to make the place more functional by adding a link to earth using ender chests or an ME quantum link and also increasing power production. Creating an airlock would also help.
  14. Got to work with making my place look nicer today. I started to replace the dirt block walls and floors with wood planks, marble and basalt. The dirt and stone blocks that I don't want to replace or are not easy to replace I have covered with plank covers so that the walls still match. I have also added more windows, skylights and light tunnels so that more natural light can enter the building. Now, working along side my friend, we will be creating a moon base soon.
  15. Starting work on creating equipment needed for space travel. Already got a workbench, oxygen equipment and launchpads. All I need now is a rocket and a fuel loader. I'll make the perfect moon base with the perfect internal environment to continue living there for long periods of time. Trees with an oxygen collector connected to either oxygen sealers or oxygen distributors.
  16. I have finally done all of the stuff I can do in the main world. So my next stop is the moon. First, I need to create the NASA workbench and all the equipment needed to travel into space and to survive the lethal environment of space. So Rocket, breathing apparatus, space mask and oxygen tank. I think I will create a moon base so that it is possible to stay up there longer.
  17. Made myself a Jetpack attachment for my power armour today so I can get around easier and combining it with the flight control add-on I can fly easier and the flight is a lot more stable. I have also made an export bus to attach to my reactor input so that the yellorium can instantly be put into the reactor as soon as it comes out of the furnace.
  18. I managed to wire an import bus for my ME system to the output of my ore processing machine set-up so I don't have to walk across the room repeatedly to empty the output chest, and the ME cables are out of the way so that it isn't a problem getting around the room. Now I don't have to try to remember to empty the chest whenever something goes through and it allows the ME MAC to start crafting immediately when the required material comes out of the furnace.
  19. Got my MAC working so I can start making item production easier, All I need to do now is create more patterns to fill it with. It already has a pattern for blank patterns but I need to fill it with more items such as processor assemblies and machine frames. Next up, I've got to improve my power supply so it can produce more power and carry more power.
  20. Got to do more work on my place today, I replaced the dirt walls with some nice oak wood walls and the grass floors with birch wood planks. The place looks amazing and I hope to make it look nicer but for now, I should be working on more machinery so I can streamline and speed up the process of ore processing.
  21. Started work on the mod items that I would like to make. I have collected more materials so that I can the items and I will soon be making a quarry with power supply and storage so I can collect ores more easily. Still got some more work to do if I'm gonna get it though.
  22. Lovin' what I've been doing on here. I've increased the size of my ME system's Molecular assembly chamber (MAC) so that it can handle more patterns and also improved power by adding a resonant energy cell to my energy network so that capacity has increased more. Also increased the amount of storage available for fluids on my ME system so that I can store more liquids on the ME system. I find this server great and I hope to see the player count increase even more.
  23. Just collected what I need to traverse the Nether safely, A jetpack attachment for my power armour so I can get across pools of lava safely, A mob repulsor attachment so I can mine ores and travel across the nether safely without the risk of getting attacked by zombie pigmen and a cooling system so I don't have to worry about my power armour overheating and killing me. Good timing as well since I ran out of nether quartz which I need for my ME system improvements. I'll share those improvement another time. I found the staff very helpful and friendly so I don't have to worry about asking them for help again.
  24. I just started quarrying and it was enjoyable, I've collected plenty of ores for crafting items and to make fuel for my reactor. Need to work on it a bit though as the transfer node cannot keep up with the quarry, more speed upgrades are needed. As for this server, friendly staff and friendly players are included in the package.