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  1. thanks, i did just that and it worked fine, i was just worried about if i were to take parts of the modpack out which my game has already identified and expects them to be there when i load it up, it would crash and be even more severe of a problem, luckily my dad(who is a tech guru) did reassure me this is one of the first things the creator of tekkit looked for in their beta testing and is sure to have fixed.
  2. hello, hell of a first post i know, but here goes nothing, i enjoy tekkit a lot, and wanted to get my friend into it aswell, along with showing him my progress i wanted to show him to terrors of the dimensional doors mod, i only knew of a couple door portals in the new age i created, so as i went into the age, it was normal and stayed that was until i went to the portal(door), as soon as i stepped into it, my game crashes and exited me straight to the technic launcher(where you would install modpacks and such),i logged in 2 more times after this and both times i just crashed. pretty sure its b
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